Queen Darleen whose real name is Mwanajuma Abdul Juma was born on 4th November 1985 in Tanzania. She is a Tanzanian musician and producer. She is the half sister to Diamond Platnumz.

Queen Darleen Age
She was born on 4th November 1985 (32 years as at 2017)
Her music career began in 2000. In 2006 she released her first song ‘wajua Nakupenda’ featuring Alikiba. In 2011 she released her second song ‘Maneno Maneno’ faturing Dully Sykes.

Queen Darleen Songs
Wajua Nakupenda
Maneno Maneno
2012: Best Ragga/Dancehall song,Maneno Maneno, Kili Awards

Queen Darleen and Diamond
Darleen is a half sister to Diamond Platnumz. They share a father, Abdul Juma. Diamond bought herToyota Tactis for her birthday.She is signed to Diamond’s record label, WCB Wasafi record label

Queen Darleen and Alikiba
Queen and Alikiba were good friends and even did a song together dubbed ‘Wajua’.The two were rumoured to be dating but Darleen denied the rumour. During an interview with Eatv’s Enewz she said:

‘Ali Kiba is not my husband and he has never been. He was my close friend. So people would see me in his company when we went on music tours, when we hung out at entertainment joints. At the time, the public did not know who my lover was, So, they ended up speculating that Ali Kiba was my partner.At
the time I was hanging out with Ali Kiba, I was already pregnant by another man. If Kiba was my boyfriend, then my child would have been his. I was even romantically linked to Dully Sykes who is a brother. When Dangote(Diamond) was new in the music industry and I was helping him people said we were dating. I am used to people speculating.’

Queen Darleen Son
She has a son Rooney who was born in 2005.was born in 2005.


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